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Whether you're a new user or old client of us, we are always ready to extend our help to you when it comes to your green barley needs. Please feel free to contact us via our hotline number +63916 783 9978.

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We're open for dealership whether it's for personal and/or business purposes. The same benefits apply for personal/business purposes. Talk to our team to avail of our dealership program.

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Product Orientation

We offer FREE product orientation for individuals, companies, cooperatives, doctors and anyone who's practicing alternative medicine. Please feel free to book your appointment with us.

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Free Shipping

We offer free shipping nationwide for minimum retail order of 7 bottles and/or 1 box order of green barley, 1st box order. It's FREE MEMBERSHIP upon buying 1 box of green barley.

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Ms. Dej

Green Barley Specialist

Hello. Ms Dej is your go-to-lady for your green barley needs. She can help you with all your queries about green barley product, its benefits for you and your family. Should you need someone who can explain to your family, team, group, or company about HOW GREEN BARLEY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, please do get in touch with her at +63916 783 9978.

Ms Des

Barley Lady-Digital Nomad

Hello. Ms Des is your go-to-lady when it comes to the Web site green barley. She's the barley lady who started to propagate the green barley online revolution in the Philippines. For online inquiries, feel free to contact her at greenbarleydotph@gmail.com.

Ms. Maryam

Green Barley Kid

Hello. Ms. Maryam is a green barley kid endorser. She's been using green barley since she was just months old. Her testimony about green barley says it all: “Green barley makes me feel better. It makes me strong.”

Ms Alexa

Green Barley Baby

Hello. Ms Alexa is Green Barley Baby endorser. Eversince she was in her tummy's baby, she's fed green barley. No. Her mother drank green barley throughout her pregnancy. When she was born, she suffered from high birilubin level. Her mother signed a waiver indicating that she wanted to opt out from the medical help to cure the birilubin. Her mother gave her green barley drops instead. Ms. Alexa is now a bubbly 6yo and counting. (In this pic, she's 3yo)

  • “Green barley makes me feel better. It makes me strong.” - MaryamAlexine, 8 (she said this when she's over 4yo).

    Maryam Alexine

    Green Barley Kid

  • "I love green barley! Green barley is healthy!" - Alexa, 6

    Alexa Khloe

    Green Barley Baby since birth...

July 22, 2017

Green Barley and Diabetes

Here are some alarming facts: The Philippines is now a diabetes hotspot, with at least 6 million diagnosed cases. This figure could even double to

July 16, 2017

Green Barley Web site Revamped

Hello! We’re in the process of revamping the Green Barley Web site to serve our customers well. We shall be adding more information over the

February 1, 2014

Hello Healthy World! Green Barley Web site Launching soon.

Welcome to Green Barley Web site. We’re launching soon this Web site. Please stay tuned for more updates. Thanks and be healthy. Green Barley Team